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X-mas 2014 Opening Times

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING IN SUNDAY the 21st of Dec.   10am – 4pm MONDAY  the 22nd of Dec.   8.30am – 8pm TUESDAY the 23th of Dec 8.30am – 8pm WEDNESDAY  the 24th of Dec.   8.30am-4 pm X-MAS DAY CLOSED … Continue reading

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    Torcik Wedlowski

    Chocolate wafer 250g (Wedel)

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    Czekoladki z likierem 200g (Wedel)

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    Karmi is a light caramel beer with a low alcohol content. Its softness is expressed in the subtle taste. A unique recipe has removed the bitter taste, and its flavour may be described as sweet-malty and the fragrance has an emerging caramel-hoppy note.

    Cooled Karmi provides perfect refreshment. The deep caramel colour is one more Karmi feature harmonizing with the feminine need for beauty and sophistication.



  • torcik krolowej winiary

    Torcik Krolowej

    Queen’s Pudding

  • jablecznik pod chmurka winiary

    Jablecznik pod Chmurka

    Apple Tart (Winiary)

  • gripex max

    Gripex Max

    Cold & Flu